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Local and long distance moving experts

Leduc Moving & Storage is committed to doing your move your way.


Local Moves

Our experienced moving teams will load your packed boxes onto our modern trucks, even providing "customized service" for loading and unloading houses with access limitations.

For local household moves, Leduc Moving & Storage charges on an hourly basis, which varies greatly depending on factors such as:

  • Amount of packing done by staff
  • Number of pieces to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Travel time
  • Applicable storage charges
  • Extra insurance purchased
  • Additional protective supplies (wardrobe boxes etc.)

Contact us to get a quote on your unique circumstances.

Three Packing Options

Both our local and long distance moving services offer you three choices for packing options including:

Total House Packing. Don't lift a finger! Let our experienced packing professionals ensure your valuable possessions are properly protected during the move.

Partial Packing Service: Save money by doing the easy packing tasks, like clothing and other non-breakables, and leave the tough jobs such as furniture disassembly to skilled experts.

DIY Packing: Leduc Moving & Storage will still be there to help with packing advice, loading/unloading, and a great selection of moving supplies to make your move much simpler.


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