Packing and Moving Tips, Tricks and Handy Hints


Here's some great tips for a smoother move:

  1. Sell off as many of your un-needed possessions as you are comfortable with, to lessen the amount of stuff you have to move.
  2. Recognize that moving will be stressful for pets and special consideration for their care en route must be planned to reduce their natural anxiety.
  3. Pack a box or two with the essential, day to day items you left for last (such as toiletries, etc.) that you will want to open first. Mark well with “Open Me First” for easy identification at your new dwelling. Include such items as a flashlight, toilet paper and spare light bulbs.
  4. Use clean newsprint, rather than styrofoam "popcorn" for packing boxes for a lot less clean up. For very delicate items, try the popcorn but make sure you open the box on a drop-cloth to make cleanup a breeze.
  5. Place all electronics in sturdy boxes. Items with a toner cartridge such as fax machines, laser printers and copiers should have the toner cartridge removed and wrapped separately. This will prevent the toner from leaking out and gumming up the drum of your printing device.
  6. Mark all boxes that contain breakables, "Fragile" so we can try to top load them. Do not mark every box fragile.
  7. Place heavy items in small boxes. Overloading large boxes with weighty items such as books increases risk of damage to both books and people.
  8. Remove and separately pack loose glass trays from the microwave, carafes from the coffee-maker, glass shelves in furniture and any other loose, fragile items that may be jostled in transit.
  9. Wardrobe closets help move your better clothes with the least potential for damage or wrinkling. These are well worth the price and are available from Leduc Moving & Storage.
  10. Filing cabinets are often too heavy to be moved when full and handling can twist and damage these types of cabinets. Files should be packed in "Banker’s Boxes" for optimal safety.
  11. Use plastic mattress bags which are low in price but essential for optimal security during transport and storage, especially if the mattresses will be in storage for more than two weeks. Mattress bags are relatively inexpensive and are available from the supply store at Leduc Moving & Storage.
  12. Movers' protection plans do not cover loose breakables such as glass, marble and lamps. It is best to have us pack these items.
  13. Label boxes to indicate the room the contents belong in.
  14. Always use at least two sheets of paper on every breakable item so that all breakables are protected. Items that require extra security or access should be taken with you in your own vehicle.
  15. When packing large, flat breakables such as pictures behind glass, stand the items up so there is no pressure on the middle of the item. For example, packing 10 plates in a pile in a box, will place too much pressure on the one on the bottom. To distribute the weight better, always pack on end and stand them up.
  16. Put heavier breakables such as Correlle serving dishes on the bottom, medium weight crockery in the middle and the lightest items, like, drinking glasses near the very top of the box.
  17. Always fill every box as much as possible and stuff the top for structural support as sometimes boxes may collapse, otherwise. You can top up using paper, towels or other linens, just as long as you fill up every box.
  18. Use up as much of the food in your house as possible prior to your move. It is much easier to buy new food at your destination than be bothered trying to keep fridge and freezer items edible in transit. Dry goods must be in sealed containers or, at minimum, have their packaging taped up.
  19. Do not pack or move flammable items as they may void any insurance, Gas-powered lawn mowers, snow blowers, recreation vehicles, camping equipment etc. must be drained of fuel. Household moving companies are not allowed to store or transport volatile products due to the Dangerous Goods Act.
  20. Other banned items include:
  • Matches
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Aerosol cans
  • Propane tanks
  • Corrosives
  • Explosives


Our storage contract states those who include hazardous items may be held financially responsible for damage to other peoples' belongings.



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