Moving Checklist

2 Months Before Packing Day
  • Select a Packing Day
  • Call Leduc Moving & Storage to discuss timing, packing service options, additional insurance and other concerns.
  • Begin identifying and listing which items to take along, which ones to be discarded and items to be sold off with a garage sale or through Kjiji or other swap and sell sites.
  • Review your health club or other memberships regarding policies on refunds or transfers to your new location.
  • Talk to your doctor about the move, making sure prescriptions are topped up to give you time to find a physician in your new area.
  • Start to taper off buying food for the freezer and pantry with the goal of having no perishables to worry about in transit without waste.
1 Month Before Packing Day
  • Advise your current utility companies of the move and advise them of your move and critical dates. Ensure you have service until no longer required.
  • Contact the utility companies in your new home and ensure they are connected prior to Move In Day.
  • Make arrangements with your bank to transfer your accounts to a branch closest to your new dwelling.
  • Contact your insurance company to discuss transferring your home-owner's policy as well as if they already provide moving insurance as part of your current policy. Additional contents insurance insurance is available through Leduc Moving & Storage.
  • Visit your local post office to get change of address cards and to advise them when you want mail to start being forwarded to your new address.
2 Weeks Before Packing Day
  • Create a floor plan of your new home with a unique name for each room for easy box distribution at your new place.
  • Ensure you take care of social obligations such as family visits for those remaining and "going away parties" for your young children and their friends to help with their transition.
  • Make arrangements for your pets' travel, as they can make long drives and en route accommodation more challenging. Perhaps consider using a boarding kennel to host your animals until you have reached your destination and then have them sent along after.
  • Advise the Welcome Wagon in your new location of your arrival date to help learn about services and resources in your new neighbourhood.
  • Review your moving "to do" list to ensure the 2 Month and 1 Month ahead tasks have been completed.
pre1 Week Before Packing Day
  • Ensure all gas powered equipment and recreational vehicles being moved have had the gasoline removed in accordance with national transport ministry policy.
  • Visit your local Eco-Station to properly discard non-transportable goods such as paint, thinner, solvents, aerosol cans and other flammables.
  • Make a list of "Last Minute Items" which you will need until you leave your old house for the last time, as well as what will be required immediately in your new house, such as cleaning supplies, emergency candles, and a flashlight, as well as plates, cups and utensils enough for everyone. Consider buying plastic and paper dishes and cutlery instead, to allow all your kitchen items to be packaged together.
  • Double-check travel plans including en route overnight reservations, pet policies, etc.



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